OpenEduCat provides details of student group from different batches those who have completed their courses previously. OpenEduCat allows you to store the details of the Alumni Students.

Go to Alumni ‣ Alumni Group. Click on Create to create a new Alumni Group.

Details of Alumni Group

  1. Photo :- You can upload a photograph of alumni group from the image widget on the top-left corner.
  2. Name :- Set the name for the alumni group.
  3. Fees :- Select or create a new fees term for the alumni group from the list.
  4. Fees Amount :- Set the value for the fess term.
  5. Forum :- On clicking the Create Forum button, forum will be created of the alumni group.
  6. Students :- Students category supports to add individual student details in that alumni group.
  7. Descriptions :- Set the description for the alumni group.
  8. Events :- This category allows you to create the events for any alumni group.
  9. Blog :- This category allows you to create the blog for any alumni group.