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OpenEduCat core features consist of modules necessary for running any educational institute. Let it be easy to use student information management system, faculty management, course management, a helpful enrolment and examination management along with integrated financial management.

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OpenEduCat consists some great key features which are necessary for the smoother functioning of educational institute. Educational institutes can achieve great heights by leveraging features like online application, easy to schedule classroom and time table management, fully transparent attendance and assignment management system to online payments for the fees.

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OpenEduCat equipped with advanced features like barcode enabled library management, online event scheduling and easy to use mobile apps for students, faculties and parent for transparent information exchange.

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Management features of OpenEduCat consist of the ability to manage transportation for students, campus facility management; barcode enabled canteen management with the point of sale system, dedicated placement control along with login for parents to view the activities of their children.

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