Certificate Builder

OpenEduCat Certificate Builder module provides facility to create certificate dynamically.


Go to Settings.

Here configure your models for certificate at the under of Certificate Builder.


Don’t forget to save the changes.

Build Certificate

Go to the OpenEduCat ‣ Certificate Builder ‣ Start Certificate Builder.


It will redirect you to certificate builder page.

  • Model :- Select the model for which you want to create a certificate.

  • Certificate Name :- Provide the certificate name.

  • Paper Format :- Select the paper format for certificate.

  • Template :- Select the certificate template.

After fill the details click on Create button.


Click on Edit to top right side to edit the certificate.


From the dialog box you can set attribute and its value from the list of attributes defined in Tag Attributes object.

First drag and drop container block element from snippet options in report block so you can drop container blocks on that.

Here, you can change font color, background color and make it bold italic and underlined.

../../_images/certificate_builder_6.png ../../_images/certificate_builder_7.png ../../_images/certificate_builder_8.png

Here, you can preview records on Customize menu.

../../_images/certificate_builder_9.png ../../_images/certificate_builder_10.png

Click on Export button at the top right side to export the certificate as zip file.


Then click on Export.

Go to the OpenEduCat ‣ Certificate Builder ‣ Certificates.

Here you can see a list of certificates which you have created.

../../_images/certificate_builder_12.png ../../_images/certificate_builder_13.png

Click on Add on print menu at top left side to add the certificate in print menu.

Go to the OpenEduCat ‣ Students.

Select the student whose certificate you want to print.


Click on Print --> Student Achievement Certificate to print the Student Achievement Certificate for the particular student.