OpenEduCat records the movements of all the Books in the system. Whenever any media unit is issued or retured its movement is recored in the media Movement.

Go To Library ‣ All Media-> Media Movements. Click on Create to create a new media movement.

Details of Media Movement

  • Media :- Select name of the media for media movement.
  • Media Unit :- Select media unit for media movement.
  • Media Type :- Select media type for media movement.
  • Media Queue Count :- Total media requests for media.
  • Invoice :- Penalty invoice reference
  • Library Card :- Library Card is the card to which media unit is issued.
  • Student/Faculty :- Student/Faculty specify the wheather the media unit is issued to student or faculty.
  • Student :- Based on selection in Student/Faculty name of student or faculty appears.
  • Issue Date and Due Date :- Issue Date and Return Date are the date during which media unit is issued and is to be returned. By default todays date appears in issue Date field.
  • Actual Return Date :- Actual Return Date is the date during which media unit is returned by the holder.
  • Penalty :- In case the media unit is returned late penalty is calculated by OpenEduCat based on no. of days late(Actual Return Date - Return Date).

Workflow of Media Movement


  • Initially when a movement is created its in Available state.


  • Click on Issue Media button to issue a media unit. It Changes the state from Available to Issued.

Returned done

  • Click on Return Media button to actually return a media unit. It opens a wizard, enter the actual retuen date and click Proceed.
  • It Changes the state from Issued to Returned done.


  • If Penalty is calculated than state change to Issued to Returned.