When a new media unit is created, OpenEduCat assumes that media unit is available in library. So now a librarian can perform operations like issue media unit, return media unit etc.. Thus once a media unit is created, its default state is Available.

Go To Library ‣ All Media ‣ Media Units. Click on Create to create a new media unit.

Details of Media Units

  • Name :- Provide the name for Media Unit.
  • Media :- Select the media from list for which media unit is created.
  • Barcode :- Provide the barcode of the media.
  • Media Type :- Select Media Type.

Issue Media

  • Click on Issue Media to allocate the media unit to a person. It opens the below wizard. Here you can specify details related to the allocation.

Details of Media Issue Wizard

  • Media and Media Unit :- Media is the name of media and media unit is the unit of the media that is being allocated to a person. They are set by OpenEduCat only when you click on Isuue Media button.
  • Type :- Type is whether the media unit is being issued to a student or a faculty.
  • Library Card :- You can select Library Card from the available list in Library Card. Based on that Type and Student/Faculty field are set by OpenEduCat.
  • Student :- If Type is Student, you can select a student from the list in Student field. If Type is Faculty, you can select a faculty from the list of Faculties in Faculty field.
  • Issue Date :- Specified the date date on which the media unit was allocated to the person. By default todays date appear in this field.
  • Return Date :- In the same way, you can provide the Return Date of media unit on which the person is suppose to return the media unit.
  • Click on Proceed button to finalize the allocation. It closes the wizard and changes the status of a book unit from Available to Issued.
  • Media Movement :- This adds a line of media movement under Movement page and changes the state to issued.

Return Media

  • To return a media unit, click on Return Media button. It opens a wizard where you can mention the actual return date of the media unit. By default todays date appear in this field.
  • Click on Proceed button to actually return a media unit. It closes the wizard and changes the state of media unit from Issued to Available.
  • If media is returned after due date than penalty is calculated as shown in image.