Configure Class Room

Configuration of class room helps you to provide the start up data of class rooms of an institute. To configure the class room, follow the below steps :-

Go to OpenEduCat ‣ Configuration ‣ Class Room Management ‣ Class Rooms. Click on Create to create a new class room.

Details of Class Room Form

  1. Name :- Name of the class room. It will be displayed in whole system. The length of class room name should not be greater than 16 characters.
  2. Code :- Code of the class room. Unique code for class room. The code length should be 4 or less.
  3. Course :- Select the course from the list whose students will be seating in this class room.
  4. No. of Person :- Provide the maximum number of students that can seat in this class room.

Pages in Class Room Form


  • Below image shows different facilities which are available in classroom.You can also create facility from here.

Asset Management

  • Select the asset which are available in the class room from the list. You can also create an asset from here.