Fees Management

Configure Fees

Configuration of fees helps you to provide the start up data of fees according to the courses of an institute.You can also configure fees elements of the particular Fees Terms. To configure the fees, follow the below steps :-

Go to OpenEduCat ‣ Configuration ‣ Fees Term. Click on Create to create a new fees term.


Details of Fees Form

  1. Fees Terms :- Set name of the new fees term.
  2. Active :- Set true or false whether fees term is currently active or not.
  3. Discount :- Set Discount for particular fees term.
  4. note :- Set note or description of new fees term.
  5. Terms :- Set due days , percent of fees for next due date , reminder of fees before or after due date.
  6. Fees Elements :- You can divide the fees terms by setting the elements of the fees.

To configure the fees elements of the Fees Terms, follow the below steps :-

Go to OpenEduCat ‣ Configuration ‣ Fees Term ‣ Edit ‣ Fees Elements. Click on Fees Elements, Wizard will open to create fees elements.


Click on Fees Elements and you can create fees elements according to your requirements.


You can create the other fees elements also.


Here Two fees elements are created in Fees Terms


Invoice Creation

To create the invoice of the fees collection of the student, follow the below steps :-

Go to OpenEduCat ‣ Students.

  • To create invoice,click on Fees Collection Details.
  • Click on Create Invoice to create invoice.

After that click on View invoice, wizard will open.


Click on Register Payment.After click on Register Payment wizard will open.


Click on Create Payment.Invoice detail is shown as below image.