Assignment Submissions

OpenEduCat provides the Assignmemnt Submission facility. List of all the assignments submitted by the students are displayed here.

Go to Assignments ‣ Assignments ‣ Assignment Submissions.

The below image shows the submitted assignments.


Details of Assignment Submissions

  • Student :- Specify the student whose assignment is to be submitted.

  • Progression No :- It will show a Progression number of Particular student.

  • Assignment :- Select the name of the assignment from the list of available assignments or create a new assignment.

  • Submission Date :- By default todays date and time is set in the Submission Date.

  • Description and Note :- You can also provide description and note about the assignment.

Workflow of Assignment Submissions


  • When assignment is created,it is in Draft state.


  • Click on the Submit button to submit the assignment. It changes the state from Draft to Submitted.



  • Click on Accept button if the assignment is correct. It changes the state from Submitted to Accepted.


Change Required

  • If some changes are required in the assignment then click on Change Require button. It changes the state from Submitted to Change Req.

  • After changes click on Change and Resubmit to submit the assignment after the changes. It changes the state from Change Req to Draft.



  • You can also reject the assignment by clicking the Reject button. It changes to Rejected state.