Admission Registers

Before the Enrollment of a student an Admission Register is created for each course. All the admissions for that course falls in respective Admission Register.

  • You can go to the Admissions ‣ Admission Registers. Click on Create button to create a new Admission Register.


Details of Admission Registers Form

  • Name :- Provide appropriate title for the admission Register.

  • Course :- Select the course from the list of courses.

  • Start Date :- By default today’s date appears here.

  • End Date :- By default one month later date appears here.

  • Product :- Product filed can be defined to for fees. Its like a service product.

  • Minimum No. of Admission :- Min no. of admissions for particular course can be specified.

  • Maximum No. of Admission :- Max no. of admissions for particular course can be specified. By default it displays 30.

  • Applications :- Select no of students for admission register process.

Admission Register workflow

  • Initially Admission register flow start with draft state.

  • Click on the Confirm button to confirm the Admission Register.

  • If you want to cancel the admission register click on the Cancel button.

  • Click on the Start Application button to start receiving the application from students.

  • Now the Admissions can be created/selected under particular Admission Register.

  • Afterward click on Start Addmission button to start admission process of student.

  • After the Enrollment of students is finished click on Done button.State Changed to done state.