Alumni Job

OpenEduCat allows the alumni students to post the job for the final year students and jobs are displayed on the website under Campus Jobs menu, from where student can apply for the job.

Go to Alumni ‣ Alumni Job. Click on Create to create a new Alumni Job.


Details of Alumni Job

  1. Name :- Name is the unique Job Post name.

  2. Job Position :- Set the name for the job position.

  3. Address :- You can add details like street, city, state, nation, zip code and country in the provided fields.

  4. Salary From :- Set the starting salary for the job.

  5. Salary Upto :- Set the ending salary for the job.

  6. Payable At :- Set the salary pay structure either weekly, monthly or yearly.

  7. Start Date :- Set the start date for the job post from which the applicant can apply.

  8. End Date :- Set the end date for the job post till which the applicant can apply.

  9. Estimated New Employees :- Set the number of the estimated new employees for the created job post.

  10. Employment Type :- Select the employment type i.e. Full time, Part Time, Freelancing.

  11. Skills :- Select the skills required for this job post.

  12. Description :- Set the description for the job post.

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