Generate Sessions

OpenEduCat is fully integrated application which provides a facility to generate the sessions . Go to TimeTables ‣ Configuration ‣ Generate Sessions. Click on Generate Sessions to open the wizard for creating the sessions.


Details of Generate Sessions

  • Course :- Select the course from the list.

  • Batch :- Select the batch from the list.

  • Start Date :- Specify the starting date of the session.

  • End Date:- Specify the ending date of the session.

Under this basic information of the timetable, you can provide the details of the timetable daywise. It consists several information.

  • Day:- Select the day of the week.

  • Timing:- Select the timing of the session.

  • Faculty:- Select the faculty to which the session is allocated.

  • Subject:- Select the subject held by faculty.

  • Classroom:- Select the classroom in which session will be held.

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