Getting Source Code

Go to and search OpenEduCat github.


Click on OpenEduCat github link.


Click on openeducat_erp.


Go to Code –> Download ZIP, to get a Source Code.


Setting up Company

Go to Settings ‣ User & Companies ‣ Companies.

../../_images/installation_5.png ../../_images/installation_6.png
  • Name :- Provide Name of the Company.

General Information

  1. Contact :- It will automatically add.

  2. Address :- Specify the contact details of the company in here with details like street, city, state, zip code, country, phone number, mobile number and email.

  3. Website :- Specify the website of company in here.

  4. Tax ID :- Add a Tax ID of the company.

  5. Company Registry :- Add Company Registry of the company.

  6. Currency :- Select a Currency of the company from the list.

  7. Social Media :- Fill the Social media information of the company.

How to create Database

Go to Manage Databases.


Click on Create Database.


Fill the details in database form, and click on Create.


How to install OpenEduCat

Go to Apps, and search OpenEduCat Core.


Click on Install.

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