How To Create Material

Upload Material For Library And Publish It Online. Set Your Publish Policy For Your Material When You Want To Publish.

Go to Digital Library ‣ Material. Click on Create to create a new Material.


Details of Material

  1. Publish Online :- If you wish to Publish current material on website, click on Publish Online check box.

  2. Name :- You can provide the name of the Material in the name field.

  3. Material Type :- Select material type whether it is PDF or AudioBook.

  4. Upload Here :- Upload PDF or AudioBook based on selected Material Type.

  5. Language :- Select a Material Language from the list.

  6. Edition :- You can provide the name of edition of the Material in the Edition field.

  7. Source :- You can provide the name of source of the Material in the Source field.

  8. Author(s) :- Select or Create Author of the Material from the list.

  9. Publisher(s) :-Select or Create Publisher of the Material from the list.

  10. Tag(s) :- Select or Create the material tags from the list.

  11. ISBN Code :- You can provide the ISBN Code of the Material.

  12. Rating :- Display given rating of Material from Reader.

  13. Total Review :- Display total count of Reviewer of current material.

  14. Description :- Specify the details of Material in description field.

Pages in Material


Under the Enrollments, you can see the Enrollments of the current Material.



Under the Reviews, you can see the Reviews of the current Material from User.