Configure Misbehaviour Categories

Discipline helps you to learn how to well-behave in an institute for students. It is always a good idea to maintain student behaviours so they can stay healty and organized.

  1. Configure Misbehavior Categories : Using this, you can configure the misbehaviour category.

Configure Misbehavior Categories

Configuration of misbehaviour category helps you to provide different misbehaviour category and category types.You can also select the parent category for the respective misbehaviour category. To configure the misbehaviour categories, follow the below steps :-

Go to Discipline ‣ Configuration ‣ Misbehaviour Categories. Click on Create to create a new misbehaviour category.


Details of Misbehaviour Categories Form

  1. Name :- Set the name for the misbehaviour category.

  2. Category Type :- Select category type whether it is major or minor.

  3. Parent Category :- You can specify the parent category to the respective misbehaviour category.

  4. Misbehaviour Template :- It provides reports to the parents on their discipline in email format.