How To Configure Google Meet

Configuration steps for Google Meet

Go to and Login with your Google account.


Click on Select a Project at top-bar and click on New Project.


Fill out the Project name and click on Create button.


Click on API’s & Services –> Library, and select your Project.


Search for Google Calendar API and enable it.

../../_images/google_5.png ../../_images/google_6.png

Click on API’s & Services –> OAuth consent screen.


Select External User Type and click on Create.


Fill out the application name, email and at the bottom click on Save And Continue.


After Fill the form click on Back To Dashboard.


Click on Credentials.


Click on CREATE CREDENTIALS –> OAuth client ID.


After click on OAuth client ID, one form will open.

  1. Application Type :- Select the application type from the list.

  2. Name :- This name is only used to identify the client in the console and will not be shown to end user.

  3. Authorized JavaScript origins :- Add redirect url.

  4. Authorized redirect URIs :- Add Domain again in redirect url and append google_auth_token.

After Fill the form click on Create.

After click on Create OAuth client created.


Save your both Client ID and Client Secret as it will be used further.