Configure Exam

OpenEduCat provides the facility to configure exam related details like Exam types and Exam Rooms. The goal of giving a facility to configure the exam type is,institute may take different types of exam. Better to make it configurable and let Administrators configure these details.

  1. Exam Type :- Using this, you can configure the types of exams.

  2. Exam Room :- Here you can specify the exam room details that can be used while there are exams in institute.

  3. Grade Configuration :- Here you can specify different grade which is used in student’s result for grade system.

Configure Exam Types

Go to Exams ‣ Configuration ‣ Exam Types. Click on Create to create a new exam type.


Details of Exam Types Form

  1. Name :- Give name of the exam type.

  2. Code :- Specify the code of the exam type. The size of the code should not be more than 4 characters in length.

Configure Exam Rooms

Go to Exams ‣ Configuration ‣ Exam Rooms. Click on Create to create a new exam room.


Details of Exam Rooms Form

  1. Name :- Give name of the exam room.

  2. Classroom :- Select hte class room from the list here that can be used for taking exams.

  3. Capacity :- Specify the number of persons can be seated in the classroom.

Configure Grade

Go to Exams ‣ Configuration ‣ Grade Configuration. Click on Create to create a Grade.


Details of Grade Form

  1. Minimum Percentage :- Set minimum percentage for grade system.

  2. Maximum Percentage :- Set maximum percentage for grade system.

  3. Result to display :- It includes grading value like A+ , A , B+, B based on maximum and minimum percentage.