Media Movements

OpenEduCat records the movements of all the Books in the system. Whenever any media unit is issued or retured its movement is recored in the media Movement.

Go To Library ‣ All Media-> Media Movements. Click on Create to create a new media movement.


Details of Media Movement

  • Media :- Select name of the media for media movement.

  • Media Unit :- Select media unit for media movement.

  • Media Type :- Select media type for media movement.

  • Media Queue Count :- Total media requests for media.

  • Invoice :- Penalty invoice reference

  • Library Card :- Library Card is the card to which media unit is issued.

  • Student/Faculty :- Student/Faculty specify the wheather the media unit is issued to student or faculty.

  • Student :- Based on selection in Student/Faculty name of student or faculty appears.

  • Issue Date and Due Date :- Issue Date and Return Date are the date during which media unit is issued and is to be returned. By default todays date appears in issue Date field.

  • Actual Return Date :- Actual Return Date is the date during which media unit is returned by the holder.

  • Penalty :- In case the media unit is returned late penalty is calculated by OpenEduCat based on no. of days late(Actual Return Date - Return Date).

Workflow of Media Movement


  • Initially when a movement is created its in Available state.


  • Click on Issue Media button to issue a media unit. It Changes the state from Available to Issued.



  • If Penalty is calculated than state change to Issued to Returned.