Library Configuration

OpenEduCat provides the facility to configure library management.

To begin this, you need to configure some data in order to make it working. We refer to this as Configuration. You can configure the data for library like,

  • Media Type- That is assigned to a book.For example course book , reference book ,magazine.

  • Publisher- List of publications of which books you have in library.

  • Authors- List of authors whose books are available in library.

  • Library Card Type- Specify the type of library card type.For example Bachelor Degree Card , Master Degree Card.

Configure Media Type

The Media Type are used for specifying the sub-category of the media. For example, Course Book , Reference Books , Magazine

Go to Library ‣ Configuartion ‣ Media Type. Click on Create to create a new media type.


Details of Media Type Form

  • Name :- Assign a name to a media type.

  • Code :- Assign a code to a media type.


The media available in library may have different publishers. Sometimes book of particular publisher is preferred by teachers. In such cases you must have publisher related information.

Go to Library ‣ Configuartion ‣ Publishers. Click on Create to create a new publisher.


Details of Publishers Form

  • Name :- Name is the name of publication house.

  • Address :- Address is the name of company whose address is considered as address of the publication.

  • media(s) :- Media are added in the list automatically when a media is created with particular publisher.


Media is written by one or more authors. To have the details of authors while creating a media, you can configure the author details.

Go to Library ‣ Configuartion ‣ Authors. Click on Create to create a new author.


Details of Authors Form

  • Name :- Name is the name of the author.

  • Address :- Address the name of person/company whose address is referred as the the address of the author.

  • Media(s) :- At the bottom of the page, it is the list of medias written by the author. These lines are created automatically when a media is created.

Library Card Types

Library cards can be available in different types as it can be used by students, faculties, alumni etc. Those library cards may have different rules application. So its preferable that you configure this type of library cards.

Go to Library ‣ Configuartion ‣ Library Card Types. Click on Create to create a new library card type.


Details of Library Card Types Form

  • Name :- Name is the title of library card type.

  • Number of medias Allowed :- Specify the number of medias allowed on a card.

  • Duration :- Duration is the number of days for which the media is allowed to be kept with the person.

  • Penalty Amount Per Day :- You can specify the penalty given per day to the person, who returns the media after due date in Penalty Amount Per Day field.