To accommodate all the media details available in your library, you can create records of the medias.

Go To Library ‣ All Media ‣ Media. Click on Create to create a new media.


Details of Media Form

  • Name :- Provide the name of the book in Name field. It is mandatory field so you have to provide the name here.

  • Author(s) :- Mention the name(s) of authors who has written the book in Authors field. You can select multiple authors here.

  • Publisher(s) :-Mention the name(s) of publication house(s) in the Publishers field.

  • ISBN and Internal Code :- You can provide ISBN and internal Code of the book in ISBN and Internal code field.

  • Edition :- Specify the edition of the book in Edition field.

  • Tag(s) :- Provide the appropriate tags in Tags field.

  • Media Type :- Select Media Type.

Pages in Media Form


Education Details

  • Courses :- Select the courses for which this media is useful from the list of courses.

  • Subjects :- Select the subjects which are included in the media.

Media Queue Requests

For those medias which are already occupied by some body else, and a request arrises for the same, the Media request goes under Media Queue Request.